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Our Goals

It is the duty of anyone who owns or shoots a firearm to understand how to keep and use that firearm safely. As a non-profit educational club, we are dedicated to offering comprehensive, nationally recognized programs to help you fulfill that duty. We want everyone, members and the general public, to have the opportunity to be properly trained. Please, if you own a gun, get proper training.

We offer programs from introductory to advanced, taught by experienced, NRA certified instructors. You do not need to be a club member to participate in our classes.

We are non-profit. Our instructors donate their time. We pay nothing extra for classrooms or range time. This helps us keep costs to a minimum without sacrificing quality.

All our courses include extensive, supervised range time. We have more than a dozen rifle and pistol ranges available, so we don’t have to skimp on range time.

Take a look thorough the following. We hope you’ll find a program of interest.



Project Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship Clinic

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Florida Concealed Weapons Permit

This class takes place the third Saturday of every month. It exceeds the requirements set by the State of Florida for Concealed Weapons Permit applications. This course covers safe gun handling, ammunition, types of handguns and includes range practice under the supervision of Range Safety Officers. Students need to supply their own Handgun, (some loaners are available, ask at pre-registration), a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition, ear and eye protection.

Cost: $50 per student (includes range fees)
Contact: John Gluck 727-399-9135

Florida Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) classes are third Saturday, every month at 12 noon. Classes begin in the South Classroom. Shooting exercises take place on the Jack Jones and Multi-purpose ranges. Cost is $50. Pre-registration is mandatory.
Contact John Gluck 727-399-9135

Next Steps Defensive Pistol

This class is for NEW shooters or those who have completed an NRA pistol safety class or a CWP program. It is designed to provide the basic skills needed to safely employ a handgun in self-defense.  See Below or Contact us for schedule and details. This is not an NRA approved course.

1-day pistol training – 7 hours.

Students must bring their own gun, strong side holster, ear and eye protection and a minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition. We will cover safe carry practices and equipment, drawing from concealment, shooting while on the move and rapid fire. The emphasis here is on defensive skills and tactics.

Cost: $100 ( $50.00 for W.A.C. CWP Graduates )

To register contact:

NRA Personal Protection in the home

This is an NRA approved course taught by certified instructors. See Below or Contact us for schedule and details. You will learn:

  • Basic defensive shooting skills
  • The Tueller drill and various shooting positions
  • Proper use of Cover and Concealment
  • Firearms and the Law (Presented by an Attorney)
  • Strategies for home safety
  • Responses to violent confrontation
  • Firearms and the law
  • How to choose a handgun for self defense
  • Training opportunities

Students must bring a handgun suitable for self defense and at least 150 rounds of ammunition.

This is not a basic course, and to benefit from the range exercises the student must show mastery of basic skills and safe gun handling.

We require proof of shooting experience, which can be a course certificate from any NRA pistol course, a current NRA competitive pistol qualification card, or a military DD214 with pistol qualification or completion of our Next Steps Course. At his option, your instructor may also pre-qualify you. Contact the instructor to discuss this option. This is an NRA approved course.

Cost: $100 ( $50.00 to W.A.C. CWP Graduates )
To register contact:

NRA Personal Protection outside of the home

An NRA course teaches students the knowledge, skills and attitude essential for avoiding dangerous confrontations and for the safe, effective and responsible use of a concealed pistol for self-defense outside the home. Students have the opportunity to attend this course using a quality strong side hip holster that covers the trigger, or a holster purse. From a review of safe firearms handling and proper mindset to presentation from concealment and multiple shooting positions, this course contains the essential skills and techniques needed to prevail in a life-threatening situation. A Florida licensed attorney will present the legal issues effecting firearms ownership, use and personal defense. The NRA Personal Protection outside the Home course presented at the WAC is a 2 Day Course and  includes both basic and advanced level certifications. Class size is limited.

Cost $200.00 ( $100.00 for any OFFS Course Graduate )
To register contact:

Defensive Shotgun

This class for the beginning shotgun shooter who wants to build their skills in employing the shotgun as a home defense firearm. The class covers Safety, types of shotguns, defensive differences between shotguns & handguns. Also covered are shotgun sights, slings, ammo selection and sling use. Shooting includes loading & unloading, patterning your gun on paper and shooting single and multiple steel targets with and without the use of cover & concealment. This course will familiarize you with your shotgun and make you better prepared to employ it as part of your personal defense system.

One day -7 hours

Cost: $100 ( $50.00 for any OFFS Course or W.A.C. CWP Graduate )

To Register contact:

Next Steps 2 – Defensive Pistol

This class is for our Next Steps, Personal Protection in the Home & Outside the Home or other approved firearms training to be reviewed prior to attendance by OFFS. This class will briefly review previous classes; then expand into safely employing real world shooting skills under stress. This will challenge your balance of speed and precision needed during a critical dynamic incident. This is not an NRA approved course.

1 – day pistol – 7 hours.

Students must bring their own gun, strong side holster, ear and eye protection and a minimum of 300 rounds of ammunition.

Cost: $100.00 ( $50.00 for any OFFS graduate )

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OFFS Training Schedule

  • Saturday – September 23, 2017 -Basic Defensive Shotgun
  • Saturday – October 28, 2017 – Next Steps Defensive Pistol >
  • Saturday -January 28, 2018 – Next Steps
  • Saturday – February 24, 2018 – Next Steps
  • Saturday -March 24, 2018 – NRA Personal Protection In The Home – PPITH
  • Saturday – April 28, 2018 – Next Steps
  • Saturday – September 22, 2018 – Basic Defensive Shotgun
  • Saturday – October 27, 2018 – Next Steps
  • Graduates of OFFS Training Classes are encouraged to maintain and develop their skills through our DISCIPLINES ; Action Pistol /Shotgun, Action Cowboy, J&G Defensive Pistol/ Carbine.

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