Cowboy Fast Draw

We practice the art of Cowboy Fast Draw at six p.m. on the first and Third Thursdays of the month. If you care to try your hand at fast draw, we will furnish you with a six-gun, a holster and five rounds of fast draw ammo, at no charge. The fee for regular attendance, with your equipment, is $5.
On the first Sunday of the month we hold our monthly contests which usually consist of six rounds of elimination and the shoot-off of the top five gunfighters. The fee for these matches is $15.
Sign-in is from nine to nine-thirty a.m. with safety meeting at nine-forty five and gunfights starting shortly thereafter.
We are the Flatlanders Shootist Society, a certified CFDA organization, and we look forward to sharing our fun-filled events with you.
You may reach us at:
Yusta B. Fast aka. Don “Skip” Lester
Feel free to visit our CFDA web site at to get the answers to all your fast draw questions and watch Quick Cals mini-videos on the art of fast draw

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