The Second Annual Clinic, conducted in March 2017, was a great success.  Several attendees “qualified” to shoot on the Bullseye Range, demonstrating an ability to keep all of their shots in the scoring rings, including Russ Pritchard, Jim McCready, Keith Arndt, Pat Damico, and Maria Damico.  Pat was a “ringer,” having had an NRA Bullseye classification since the 1970’s, but had not recently participated in bullseye activities at WAC.

Some of the action pistol shooters attending the clinic were overheard to say, “This is great stuff!  How come we never heard this before?” (Presumably referring to “trigger control”).

The third Clinic will be conducted on March 24, 2018.  It will meet in the classroom (Classroom South, behind the clubhouse) from 9:00 a.m. to noon.  Then dry firing and live firing will be conducted on the Multipurpose Range until 4:00 p.m.  There is no cost to participants.  We will be shooting only .22 caliber pistols (to make it quieter and easier to control recoil).

Do you, like other “precision pistol shooters,” want to learn more about “bullseye” and better “Trigger Control?”  That fundamental, as well as other fundamentals, will greatly assist you to shoot accurately, no matter what discipline is involved.  If so, please attend the forthcoming clinic.

Lessons from previous clinics tell us that it is very difficult to shoot a “non-target” pistol, even a .22 caliber one, accurately, if it has a short barrel, iron sights, and a heavy trigger, especially when you eyes are not as good as they once were!  It makes a great deal of sense, and is much easier, to shoot bullseye with a “target pistol!”

If you want to attend the clinic and have a .22 caliber pistol, preferably a target pistol, bring it, along with 300 rounds of ammunition that will work in the gun.  If you do not have one, loaner pistols will be available but you must bring 300 rounds of .22 cal LR standard velocity ammo.  You must also bring eye and ear protection.

You should also bring lunch and soft drinks/water.  To attend, you must sign up beforehand by calling John Gemmill at (727) 800-6113.  If no one answers, leave your name and phone number and John will call you back.  John, formerly a High Master, Distinguished in both Service Pistol and Revolver and A President’s Hundred member, will conduct the clinic.