Eastern Territorial/Florida State Cowboy Fastdraw Championships


Five gunfighters from the WAC cowboy fastdraw posse made the trek to Bunnell Florida to participate the Florida State and Eastern US Territory CFDA Championships. The Flatlanders Shootist Society was privileged to provide the second range needed for the match.

Photo, left to right:” Mendy,” assistant match director;   “Alotta Lead”, co-director of the CFDA;    “Hafta B. Fast” of FSS;    “Quick Cal”, director of the CFDA,   “Smokin Gun”, match director of the hosting club, Cracker Cowboys,    “Yusta B. Fast, of FSS, “Shenandoah Drifter” of FSS,   “2buck Chuck” of FSS, and   “Seminole Slim” of FSS.

These are the accomplishments of the five FSS posse members:

Hafta B. Fast:       First Place Mens 49r category;    Fourth place mens Shootist Category;    Second place State Championship, and current Florida mens resident champion; Sixth place Territorial Championship.

2buck Chuck:    Fifth place mens senior category;  Sixth place mens Shootist category;    Twenty-seventh place FL State;   Thirteenth place Territiorial.

Shenandoah Drifter:    Ninth place mens traditional category,; Tenth place FL State Championship;   Fifth place Territorial Championship.

Seminole Slim:    Twentieth Place Territorial Championship,;  Twenty-eighth place FL State Championship.

Yusta B. Fast:  Twenty-second place FL State championship;  Thirty-first place Territorial Championship.

Numerous new friendships were formed, and many  old friendships were renewed. And for two members of our posse, this was there first experience with a major CFDA event.

Hats are off for the Cracker Cowboys of Bunnell, Florida, for their success in putting on a spectacular event.  And we eagerly look forward to the match of 2018 which will be held at an absolutely awesome location.

SEE YA ON THE LINE…………….Shooters ………SET