Wednesday March 08,   6-8pm

Fun Shoot – Public Line Range

Time to practice, bring your own gun, have some fun. Never shot a gun before? Interested in purchasing a new gun but not sure what’s right for you? Don’t miss our Fun Shoot! Semi-automatic & revolvers, small caliber to large caliber. Find out what you’re comfortable with. Remember your eye & ear protection. Proper dress attire please.

$3.00 Club Members, Non Members $10.00

Wednesday April 12,   6-8pm

Wine Making Demonstration – Given By: Rick Clemens

Rick will be demonstrating 2 processes of Wine Making from kits.

1st Stage – Start a new batch

2nd Stage – Going from the fermentation stage into the clearing stage

Wednesday May 10,   6-8pm

Gun Cleaning – Bring your gun (I’ll also have plenty of guns to clean)

Pick yourself up a gun cleaning kit specifically designed for the gun you wish to clean. Your local retailer will be able to help you select the correct one. You will learn how to properly clean your gun.

Wednesday June 14,   6-8pm

ArcheryArchery Instruction presented by WAC 3D Archery Rick & Becky Clemens. Traditional Re-Curve (like Daniel Boone), Compound & Crossbow. Bows provided for use by the Antelope Club. Bring one if you have it. This is your opportunity to give it a try.

 Ladies, we do “Pot Luck” dinner at our get-to-gethers. If you can bring something, we appreciate it, no worries if you can’t. Life & Work gets in the way sometimes and we ALWAYS have enough!!

For more information, please call Debbie cell 727-422-0061.