Flatlanders February monthly match results

The February gunfight consisted of nine gunslingers. A lot of cheer and sharing of laughs and friendships.  A  great deal of improvement is being shown by our newer gunfighters. The spread between times and hit ratios is getting tighter and tighter. The closer the time-spread, the better the gunfights get, and we are getting into some VERY tight gun battles. Severel rounds were decided with shot spreads of under .005th of a second, and two of those were .001th. One round was a dead even tie in the low fives.

The Flatlander gunfighters recently started an organized trek to the Florida east coast to  share their gunfighting skills with those clubs. While we are accepted with the normal warmth and friendship as shown by all true cowboy gunslingers, the  top seven positions for the shoot-offs is getting to be more occupied by Flatlanders, and is starting to take its toll. I believe that by the March match in Bunnell, the count for traveling Flatlanders should be six or seven.Mini van rental may become necessary. Oh I meant to say nine passenger covered wagon.

Speaking of a March match, the monthly Flatlanders match will be our THIRD ANNIVERSARY match. Pulled pork sandwiches, home made potato salad, bean, and good ole sauteed onions will be included in the normal  fifteen dollar match fee. And all gunfighters are encouraged to bring their spouse to share in the grub at no charge.

Shootout in Kowtown is this Friday afternoon. All who are interested in attending can find the info on Cracker Cowboys web site. Florida state is only three months away.

Thanks go out to all those who support us. We will try to make arrangements for at least one demo match somewhere on the eastern side of the state. We will post that info as soon as it has been set. Below are the results of the February match, and as some of you already know, the next Thursday practice session will be a little “different”