Action Juniors make the World Shoot Team

Two juniors from the WAC have worked very hard over the past 3 years. So hard that they made it to the USPSA World Shoot Team. Jason Katz and Seth Clagg will be competing in the Production Division of IPSC’s biggest match. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for them both. With tremendous support from the  Wyoming Antelope Club and several of the local competitors individual donations, these two have a good chance of winning at the biggest IPSC tournament in the world.

Also on the World Shoot Teams from the WAC is Keith Dilworth. Keith has been at the WAC for many years competing in Action Pistol, shotgun and multigun disciplines. As well Keith helped train Seth & Jason on their way to this elite status. It’s not easy getting to the World Shoot Team and the WAC has three of the top shooters in the USA.

As many people know the World Shoot XVII will be held this year in Florida at the Universal Shooting Academy. World Shoot is only held once every three years and is in a different country each time. This is such an opportunity for all of us to see the absolute top competitors from each country stretch it out over 30 stages.  Make your plans early to visit Frostproof FL in October. More information is at