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March 4th Cowboy Fast Draw Annual Match

The Flatlanders Shootist Society will be hosting the fourth anniversary match Sunday, March fourth.

Awards for the seven top competitors in the Magnificent Seven Shoot-off, and the top lady competitor.

Seven elimination rounds with a no-X-out format, and  X-count ties broken by the gunfighters fastest time in the final round of elimination.

Sigh-in will be from 9 am to 9:30. Safety meeting at 9:45. Gunfights start as soon as rounds are drawn.

Entry fee is $15 per shooter and $5 additional for the awards luncheon of pulled pork sandwiches, homemade potato salad, coleslaw and beans. Which will take place in the club house following the match.


Flatlanders show their skills at the Cracker Cowboys third annual match in Bunnell, Florida

The trek to Bunnell paid off with the collection of the top loot by three gunfighters from the Flatlanders Shootist Society. The first place was taken by Hafta B.Fast, second place by Yusta B. Fast, and that sneaky gunfighter we call Seminole Slim, slippped in there to snag the loot for third place. Something must be going right in that Flatlanders camp !

Cowboy Fastdraw October Monthly Match Results

Fourteen gunfighters, including some close friends from the east coast club of The Cracker Cowboys, assemble at the WAC to throw down for a day of good ole fashioned gunfightin’.

There were a few surprising upsets, which is quite common in fast draw… never know who will send you to boot hill on any given day.

Here are the results:

Finishes                                                        seedings

1st..2buck Chuck                           1st..Yusta B. Fast

2nd..Shenandoah Drifter           2nd..2buck Chuck

3rd ..Yusta B. Fast                           3rd..Smokin Gun

4th..Hafta B. Fast                             4th..ShenandoahDrifter

5th..Smokin’ Gun                              5th..Hafta B. Fast

6th..Seminole Slim                            6th..Seminoe Slim

7th..Renegade Dave                         7th..Renegade Dave

8th..Okie Dan

9th..Blue Hawk


11th…Chance Ramsay

12th..Dough Boy

13th..Sittin Bull

14th..Ben E. Victed

Big thanks to the members of the CC Club who made the trip over to share some good times. A big welcome to Sittin Bull who is a brand new member of the Flatlander crew. If ya missed this one, ya missed a great match. We will throw in a couple of photos that were taken by our reining ladies Florida state champion, Blue Hawk.

And as usual, we want to thank our scorekeeper and referee, Wanda B. Fast for her dedication to this great sport.

WAC gunfighters make KY aware that we are here in Florida.

The second  cowboy fast draw club in the state of Florida was formed in the autumn of 2013 and titled the Flatlanders  Shootist Society. This past weekend, as Hurricane Irma was wreaking havoc on our state, four gunfighters from the Flatlanders made the northern trek to Hartford Kentucky to compete in the Kentucky state championship of cowboy fast draw. Here are their accomplishments:

Hafta B. Fast……..2nd in shootist, 3rd in catagory and 33rd overall men

Seminole Slim………7th in catagory, and 18th overall men

Yusta B. Fast……….3rd in catagory and 29th overall men

2buck Chuck……….5th in shootist, 1st in catagory, and  4th overall men

The sport of cowboy fast draw has doubled in membership since the inception of the Flatlanders, as is expected to double again in the next sixteen months. The Outdoor Channel will be covering our  world championship in October in Fallon, Nevada, which always gives rise to the increase in membership through their fantastic exposure of our sport.


Eastern Territorial/Florida State Cowboy Fastdraw Championships


Five gunfighters from the WAC cowboy fastdraw posse made the trek to Bunnell Florida to participate the Florida State and Eastern US Territory CFDA Championships. The Flatlanders Shootist Society was privileged to provide the second range needed for the match.

Photo, left to right:” Mendy,” assistant match director;   “Alotta Lead”, co-director of the CFDA;    “Hafta B. Fast” of FSS;    “Quick Cal”, director of the CFDA,   “Smokin Gun”, match director of the hosting club, Cracker Cowboys,    “Yusta B. Fast, of FSS, “Shenandoah Drifter” of FSS,   “2buck Chuck” of FSS, and   “Seminole Slim” of FSS.

These are the accomplishments of the five FSS posse members:

Hafta B. Fast:       First Place Mens 49r category;    Fourth place mens Shootist Category;    Second place State Championship, and current Florida mens resident champion; Sixth place Territorial Championship.

2buck Chuck:    Fifth place mens senior category;  Sixth place mens Shootist category;    Twenty-seventh place FL State;   Thirteenth place Territiorial.

Shenandoah Drifter:    Ninth place mens traditional category,; Tenth place FL State Championship;   Fifth place Territorial Championship.

Seminole Slim:    Twentieth Place Territorial Championship,;  Twenty-eighth place FL State Championship.

Yusta B. Fast:  Twenty-second place FL State championship;  Thirty-first place Territorial Championship.

Numerous new friendships were formed, and many  old friendships were renewed. And for two members of our posse, this was there first experience with a major CFDA event.

Hats are off for the Cracker Cowboys of Bunnell, Florida, for their success in putting on a spectacular event.  And we eagerly look forward to the match of 2018 which will be held at an absolutely awesome location.

SEE YA ON THE LINE…………….Shooters ………SET

Flatlanders fast draw 3rd Anniversary Match

Twenty-one gunfighters and numerous family members attended the third anniversary match of the Flatlanders Shootist Society.

Food and drinks were shared by all as the awards for the top seven gunslingers were given. In addition to the plaques for the top seven match finishers,  Shanendoah Drifter accepted the award for Top Gun for the 2016 shooting season.

We look forward to the sharing of friendship and good times with all of our fastdraw friends in the upcoming 2017 season.

Our heartfelt  thanks goes out to all that helped make this past year possible



Flatlanders February monthly match results

The February gunfight consisted of nine gunslingers. A lot of cheer and sharing of laughs and friendships.  A  great deal of improvement is being shown by our newer gunfighters. The spread between times and hit ratios is getting tighter and tighter. The closer the time-spread, the better the gunfights get, and we are getting into some VERY tight gun battles. Severel rounds were decided with shot spreads of under .005th of a second, and two of those were .001th. One round was a dead even tie in the low fives.

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