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USPSA level 1 RO Class 3-4 Feb 2018

Please complete the attached and get it back to me: I don’t need it signed yet if you just want to fill in the blanks and email it back (rename w/ your name before you save it).

What: NROI Level 1 RO class

When: Sat 3 Feb-Sun 4 Feb (time TBD, but plan all day Saturday, half day Sunday)

Where: Wyoming Antelope Club SOUTH Classroom & Action Bays

Who: Instructor is Troy McManus

How Much: $20 for WAC members, $40 for Non-members NROI SEMINAR L1 APPLICATION wac

Dan Bernard


2016 Last Chance Limited Match

2016 was a great year at the WAC, and 86 shooters ended it with a  bang at the Last Chance USPSA Limited Match. 7 stages were put together in the back bays with names like Going Out With a BOOM and Fight Till the Last Gasp. Stage 1 was particularly interesting as the start position was holding a shot gun with the choice to shoot a popper or barrel it. The person who was closest to 50% of the stage high score without going over won the shot gun.

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Christmas Eve USPSA Match

The Gulf Coast Lead Slingers 4th Sunday match was held on the 4th Saturday as Christmas fell on the 4th Sunday this year. That didn’t stop 58 shooters from being at the WAC to begin shooting at 9:00 am. Six courses of fire, 3 field courses and 3 classifiers were on the menu for the day. Some were decorated with barrels painted as candy canes and garland around the wall. I can speak from firsthand experience that the garland does not hold up well against the exhaust from an open gun.

The three classifiers were More Disaster Factor (13-08), High Standards (03-18) and Life’s Little Problems (09-10). These were not your every day classifiers, having penal targets, low ports and 15 yd strong hand only shots. There were shooters that came to play as one shooter had a hit factor of 10.4962, and for that classifier and their division, that was at GM level, way to go! See all of the results here

There will be a 4 stage match Tuesday and NO MATCH ON FRIDAY 12/30. Set up for the Last Chance Limited Match will be on Friday starting at 9:30. The last chance Limited Match is sold out, contact Trent Cherin at to get on the waiting list.

Factory Gun Classic; Another Huge Success

Setup Started Wednesday and continued through Thursday to get the 8 stages set up. With stage names like Death Trap (double target max trap), Slide Lock, Far out man (3-35 yd shots) and Step it up (2 platform levels) there was a lot of work to get done. The RO’s did a great job at getting them all built for the staff shoot on Friday. The staff vetted all of the gizmos and angles so the shooters would have a flawless match.

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USPSA November Sunday Match

Range report from Sunday morning at the WAC: Sunny, light breeze, slightly chilly and loud, with a smell of gun powder.

It was the 4th Sunday of the month, and that means a Gulf Coast Lead Slingers 6 stage match. 77 shooters where there, representing 8 of the USPSA divisions. Production and Single Stack led the way with 26 and 25 shooters. It comes as little surprise that these division were so large as the Factory Gun Classic is this coming weekend, Dec 3rd and 4th. A 6 stage match is a great warm-up to the 8 stages the Factory Gun will have.

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Steel Match Saturday Breaks Another Record!

Last month there were 70 shooters, this month there were 83. Match Director Dean Herrig was prepared and opened a 7thsquad and stage to accommodate all the shooters. There are 13 official divisions in the Steel Challenge and Saturdays match had competitors in 10 of the divisions. Production led all the divisions with 27, followed by 15 in Limited and 12 in Rimfire Rifle Open. Iron Sights Revolver, Pistol Caliber Carbine Optic and Rimfire Pistol Open all had more than 5 and Open, Rimfire Pistol Iron Sights, Rimfire Rifle Iron Sights and Single Stack rounded out the rest.

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Single Stacks taking over WAC Tuesday Action Pistol

This time last month, 2 people were shooting single stacks, last night there were 16! That beat production by 1 and limited by 6. With the WAC’s Factory Gun Classic coming the first week in December, people are switching over to their single stacks to get prepared. The match also included stages influenced by what will be seen at the Factory gun. Table starts, loaded and unloaded, poppers, bobbers, and lots of hard and soft cover made for a challenging night.

Class (competitors) winners for the night were:

Carry Optics (3) – Steve Pianka
Limited (10) – JJ Malvarez
Open (2) – Will Jensen
Production(15) – Mike Howell
Revolver (1) – Bob Paul
Single Stack(16) – Mark Walker

There are only 4 more Tuesday or Friday nights to get prepared for the Factory Gun, hope to see you out there.

Submitted by Jeff Jones

October USPSA Match

Sunday 10/23 was the Gulf Coast Lead Slingers USPSA match, commonly termed the 4th Sunday Match. This is one of the monthly matches in Florida everyone looks forward too, drawing shooters from all over the state. This match was no exception with 77 shooters slinging lead down the back bays.

This match had 4 challenging stages and a qualifier. One stage had a tandem clam shell and a swinger, while another stage had a swinger activated from a different position. The addition of more challenging stages is due to what was seen at the national tournament. We are restricted on the length of the shots, but adding gizmos, no shoots and hard cover increases the challenge and better prepares the shooters for other events.

Eight divisions were represented in the match, with 5 of them having 6 or more. The limited division lead the pack with 23 competitors, followed by Production with 19,  Open with 15, Single Stack with 8 and PCC with 6. Carry Optics, Limited 10 and Revolver rounder out the rest of the division. For the divisions with 6 or more, the top shots were:

Limited –Gorka Ibanez

Open – Trent Cherin

PCC – Joey Araniego

Production – Jim Gabelbauer

Single Stack – Mark Walker

The next Lead Slingers match is scheduled for Nov. 27, hope to see you there.

USPSA Steel Match hits 70 shooters

The Steel Match this past Saturday was one of the biggest ones we’ve had all year with 70 participants. Our steel matches consist of 6 stages with a mix of the official stages and “outlaw” stages. Each stage has 5 plates ranging from 10″ plates to 18″x24″ rectangles, with 1 designated the stop plate. The rules are simple, shoot them fast, hit them all and hit the stop plate last. Each shooter shoots 5 strings, with their best 4 times added up as their score. Penalties are assessed for misses

11 of the 13 official divisions were represented this month. The largest division was production with 20 shooters. Iron sight revolver, limited, open, pcc optic all had at least 5 with 3 close to 10. Rimfire pistol iron, open and rifle open all had more than 5 as well.
This month we shot everyone’s favorite official stage, Smoke and Hope. They call it Smoke and Hope, because it looks easy so you want to smoke it, and you hope you hit all of the targets. We had 11 shooters under the 12 second mark, and that’s pretty fast. Another official stage that was shot was Pendulum. This is a tougher stage with 10″ and 12″ plates 18 yds away. There were 7 shooters under the 16 second mark. The other stages shot were Short and Not, Dot the Box, Speed Brake and Ramp Left.

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