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Super Shotgun Match

Super Shotgun Match 2017 Sponsors:

On behalf of the Wyoming Antelope Club/Florida Chapter, we want to thank the below sponsors for being a generous sponsor of the Super Shotgun Match on March 4, 2017. With their support it was a fun, safe and action-packed event.

R & R Targets
Iron Site Gun Shop
Shooters World
Invictus Practical
Whitten Cases
Two Brothers Armory
Praestolor Arms
Universal Shooting Academy
4 Range
Bill Jackson’s
Your Auction
Harbor Reloading
Dan Dancier

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Super Shotgun Match (update)

8 Stages of Shot Gunning. 41 Slugs 13 Buckshot and 147 Birdshot. Bring it and sling it. Match T Shirt and Lunch Included. signup will stay open till last day before the match March 3e, so if you signup after the 22e of feb we are not shore that we still have a shirt for you in the right size.

Registration opens at 0730.  Safety Brief at 0800.  Shots Fired at 0830.  Range Speed Limit is 9mph  MAKE SURE YOU SELECT A SHIRT SIZE UPON REGISTRATION.  YOU WILL RECEIVE THE SIZE LISTED IN MATCH SIGN UP.

Stages are posted on the shotgun result website page.