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New Range Officer Scheduler

We have a new Range Officer Schedule program! Lately we have had a lot of hack attempts to the main website. That is pretty normal these days when using WordPress as the content system. Although we will continue to use WordPress for the main page, news and general content, we will soon be using a new sub-website to manage our membership.

In this new system, we hope to smooth things out and reduce the issues of the past. Consistency is a big problem. Names are being entered many different ways and the workload to fix them is too much. The reports are inconsistent making the credit system impossible to manage.  The new system is much more consistent in names and reporting.  Names and email addresses will be automatically entered using the stored profile.

Simplicity is another advantage. With the new system, it is only one click to pick a volunteer date/time. No more typing your name, email or phone number. Even better….No more duplicates!

The new system will be accessible via the membership database that was implemented a couple of months ago. You will no longer long in to the main website but rather this link

Using the email we have on file as your login, you will have access to your profile and if you are a Range Officer, you have access to the schedule. Take a Look as soon as you can. We plan to implement May 1st.

For a short time, the email reminder feature will be disabled. Be sure to check the schedule regularly

Questions & Suggestions-> j33716

Take a Moment

Tuesday night we lost a gracious member and past president of the club.  Please say a prayer for the family of Paul Larson as we remember the life and contributions of a Wyoming Antelope Club family member.

Blood Drive at the WAC

Wednesday, March 29th, the Wyoming Antelope Club will sponsor a blood drive by OneBlood. Come on out between 5:30p-7:30p. Each donor will receive a Free OneBlood umbrella, a BOGO Jersey Mikes Sub voucher and a wellness check up including blood pressure, temperature, iron count, pulse and cholesterol screening.

2016 Last Chance Limited Match

2016 was a great year at the WAC, and 86 shooters ended it with a  bang at the Last Chance USPSA Limited Match. 7 stages were put together in the back bays with names like Going Out With a BOOM and Fight Till the Last Gasp. Stage 1 was particularly interesting as the start position was holding a shot gun with the choice to shoot a popper or barrel it. The person who was closest to 50% of the stage high score without going over won the shot gun.

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Special Day January 2nd

With many people having January 2nd off, the Wyoming Antelope Club will host a special Monday Public line opening from 9am – 1pm.  This day will be open to the public and members. Range officers, if you have time, sign up using the regular online scheduler. We have room for four Range Officers

Christmas Eve USPSA Match

The Gulf Coast Lead Slingers 4th Sunday match was held on the 4th Saturday as Christmas fell on the 4th Sunday this year. That didn’t stop 58 shooters from being at the WAC to begin shooting at 9:00 am. Six courses of fire, 3 field courses and 3 classifiers were on the menu for the day. Some were decorated with barrels painted as candy canes and garland around the wall. I can speak from firsthand experience that the garland does not hold up well against the exhaust from an open gun.

The three classifiers were More Disaster Factor (13-08), High Standards (03-18) and Life’s Little Problems (09-10). These were not your every day classifiers, having penal targets, low ports and 15 yd strong hand only shots. There were shooters that came to play as one shooter had a hit factor of 10.4962, and for that classifier and their division, that was at GM level, way to go! See all of the results here

There will be a 4 stage match Tuesday and NO MATCH ON FRIDAY 12/30. Set up for the Last Chance Limited Match will be on Friday starting at 9:30. The last chance Limited Match is sold out, contact Trent Cherin at to get on the waiting list.