Sniper Prone Match Time Change

Due to increasing interest we will continue to have the Sniper matches  following the high power matches every 4th Sunday.  Registration will now be approximately 1:30 pm and start at 2pm. Arrive at the high power range about 12:30 am and join us for a lunch break (as long as food holds out) and BS session. We will fire up the grill for burgers, dogs or chicken wings, etc. Just throw in a few bucks toward the cost of the viddles since we buy this ourselves.

Leave your firearms in your vehicle until we go through our safety meeting and sign in. We will sign in at the high power range. Range fee is $5 for shooters that fired the high power match and $10 for everyone else. This pays for range fees and target costs. Bring at least 50 rds of ammo or more if you have it.  We have a few mats and spotting scopes but if you have a piece of carpet, blanket or anything to lay on bring it. If your rifle is not equipped with a scope that will allow you to see bullet holes at 100 yards bring a spotting scope if you have one since we only have 3 or 4. We will spot for you if need be. Email me if you plan to participate and/or eat so I can prepare enough targets and snacks.

Sniper matches will be at 100 yards, all prone or whatever position chosen using slings,  bipods, rests, a log, dead horse, etc. or a combination. Please do not use a real dead horse. That was a fun example to make the point that any support that may be available for a sniper is OK.  Scoped rifles will be needed since some of the targets are reduced to resemble a 1600 yard shot at a bad “object”. The targets will have + points for good hits and – score points for shooting the good “object”. Example below.

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Eastern Territorial/Florida State Cowboy Fastdraw Championships


Five gunfighters from the WAC cowboy fastdraw posse made the trek to Bunnell Florida to participate the Florida State and Eastern US Territory CFDA Championships. The Flatlanders Shootist Society was privileged to provide the second range needed for the match.

Photo, left to right:” Mendy,” assistant match director;   “Alotta Lead”, co-director of the CFDA;    “Hafta B. Fast” of FSS;    “Quick Cal”, director of the CFDA,   “Smokin Gun”, match director of the hosting club, Cracker Cowboys,    “Yusta B. Fast, of FSS, “Shenandoah Drifter” of FSS,   “2buck Chuck” of FSS, and   “Seminole Slim” of FSS.

These are the accomplishments of the five FSS posse members:

Hafta B. Fast:       First Place Mens 49r category;    Fourth place mens Shootist Category;    Second place State Championship, and current Florida mens resident champion; Sixth place Territorial Championship.

2buck Chuck:    Fifth place mens senior category;  Sixth place mens Shootist category;    Twenty-seventh place FL State;   Thirteenth place Territiorial.

Shenandoah Drifter:    Ninth place mens traditional category,; Tenth place FL State Championship;   Fifth place Territorial Championship.

Seminole Slim:    Twentieth Place Territorial Championship,;  Twenty-eighth place FL State Championship.

Yusta B. Fast:  Twenty-second place FL State championship;  Thirty-first place Territorial Championship.

Numerous new friendships were formed, and many  old friendships were renewed. And for two members of our posse, this was there first experience with a major CFDA event.

Hats are off for the Cracker Cowboys of Bunnell, Florida, for their success in putting on a spectacular event.  And we eagerly look forward to the match of 2018 which will be held at an absolutely awesome location.

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New Range Officer Scheduler

We have a new Range Officer Schedule program! Lately we have had a lot of hack attempts to the main website. That is pretty normal these days when using WordPress as the content system. Although we will continue to use WordPress for the main page, news and general content, we will soon be using a new sub-website to manage our membership.

In this new system, we hope to smooth things out and reduce the issues of the past. Consistency is a big problem. Names are being entered many different ways and the workload to fix them is too much. The reports are inconsistent making the credit system impossible to manage.  The new system is much more consistent in names and reporting.  Names and email addresses will be automatically entered using the stored profile.

Simplicity is another advantage. With the new system, it is only one click to pick a volunteer date/time. No more typing your name, email or phone number. Even better….No more duplicates!

The new system will be accessible via the membership database that was implemented a couple of months ago. You will no longer long in to the main website but rather this link

Using the email we have on file as your login, you will have access to your profile and if you are a Range Officer, you have access to the schedule. Take a Look as soon as you can. We plan to implement May 1st.

For a short time, the email reminder feature will be disabled. Be sure to check the schedule regularly

Questions & Suggestions-> j33716

3D Archery Match on June 10, 2017

This will be a 20 target – Known Distance Shoot

Registration & warm up starts at 8:00am & ends at 8:45am
Safety Brief at 8:46am
Shoot Starts at 9:00am
There will only be 3 classes Unlimited, Hunter, Traditional/Youth
There will be 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place prizes for each squad.

Cost are as follows
Online Pre-registration = $15.00 adult
Online Pre-registration = $10.00 youth 12yr and under
Registration on the day of shoot = $20.00 adult
Registration on the day of shoot = $15.00 youth

Online preregistration will open on 4/15/2017 at the link provided below


Take a Moment

Tuesday night we lost a gracious member and past president of the club.  Please say a prayer for the family of Paul Larson as we remember the life and contributions of a Wyoming Antelope Club family member.

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