Flatlanders February Monthly Match

The February fast draw monthly gathering of the Flatlanders Shootist Society is scheduled for Sunday, the 7th. Sign in is from 9am to 9:30am. Safety meeting at 9:45 and gunfights start as soon as rounds are drawn. Two elimination rounds at each distance of15, 18, and 21 feet, with no X-out format, and shoot-off of the top five survivors of the elimination rounds.

Match fee is $15

Be there or be somewhere wasting your time not playing with a six-gun.

The day was cool, but very comfortable shooting weather. With only five gunfighters attending, match fees were refunded, and a fun session of practice was had on four targets. It was very easy to expend 100 rounds of ammo. We just played musical lanes and moved one spot to the right after each round.

This was another one of those times where the FUN factor outweighed the competitive one.

Next monthly match will be the second anniversary match with shooters attending from….where-ever.


WOW Gun Cleaning February 10th

Wednesday February 10,   6-8pm

GUN Cleaning Class –

Bring your gun (I’ll also have plenty of guns to clean)

Pick yourself up a gun cleaning kit specifically designed for the gun you wish to clean. Your local retailer will be able to help you select the correct one. You will learn how to properly clean your gun.

Ladies, we do “Pot Luck” dinner at our get-to-gethers. If you can bring something, we appreciate it, no worries if you can’t. Life & Work gets in the way sometimes and we ALWAYS have enough!!

For more information, please call Debbie cell 727-422-0061.

Cowboy Fastdraw January Monthly Match Results

Finally ! January arrived and we got to strap on some leather!

The weather man managed to scare of all but the hardiest of gun fighters. Even though no rain fell during the actual match. A small drizzle during set-up and that was it. The sun even managed to poke through for a short time at one point.

The seeding for the top five shootoff was: (1) Silas Leadbetter, (2)Shenandoah Drifter, (3)Hafta B> Fast, (4)Windy Britches, (5) Yusta B. Fast

The final placements were: (1) Hafta B. Fast, (2)Shenandoah Drifter, (3)Silas Leadbetter, (4)Windy Britches, (5)Yusta B. Fast, (6)CT Yankee, (7)El Don Blanco

We were very happy to get to share the day with our good friend from Michigan, Windy Britches, and look forward  to the next trip that he and his sweet wife Pokey Dot make to Florida. Our little Pokey Dot was laid up with lower back problems and was unable to attend. We are in hopes of meeting up with them at the Eastern Territorial in July.

Next monthly match is February 7th, and then on to March for our second anniversary match.

Win a Glock at the GSSF match!

Jan 8th-10th – The Glock Shooting Sports Foundation is holding the annual Jng Challenge at the Wyoming Antelope Club. This match is an all Glock match. Bring any Glock handgun and enter into as many divisions as you want. There are 3 stages in any order. Stage drawings, rules and registration are available at http://gssfonline.com

Although the best time to start is first thing in the morning, you can shoot any stage at any time during the weekend. No holster needed but make sure you have your Glock in a gun bag if you don’t have a holster. All starts are from the low ready. Please do not handle your gun at your car. We provide a safe area for gunning up into a holster

Come on out and win a Glock! Make sure you register early on the http://gssfonline.com website. You will save a lot of waiting in line. Fill out the form and bring it.

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