Flatlanders ride to Kentucky

Five flatlanders saddled up and rode to Kentucky to shoot it out with gunfighters from fifteen states, at the Kentucky state CFDA championship. They were: Shenandoah Drifter, Hafta B. Fast, Silas Leadbetter, Wanda B. Fast, and Yusta B. Fast.
They represented the flatlanders shootist society well. Their accomplishments were as follows:

Shenandoah took sixth place in overall men
Hafta took twenty-first in overall men
Silas took third in mens senior
Yusta took third in mens old timer

Wanda gave generously of her time by spending two full days scoring, which was greatly appreciated by the head score-keeper.

Old friends were revisited and several new friendships were created. The weather was spot-on and the match was first class.


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GunsInternational.com which is the #1 Gun Classifieds website is owned by W David, Deborah and Hunter Powell. Many of you know the Powell’s. They have been WAC members since 1991. W. David and Hunter are range officers.

I would like to give a couple updates to this 2012 Gun Digest article. The article which was an interview contains some older statistics. Now in 2015 GunsInternational.com has 60,000 guns listed for sale, making it the world’s largest gun classifieds web site, by the most well respected Dealers, Collectors all the way to a guy with just one gun to sell. GunsInternational.com gets 15 million hits each day currently. Today for just a $10 total fee you can list any price gun and have it seen by millions of buyers. GunsInternational.com does not charge percentages, as their competitors do. GunsInternational.com also is the only gun sales site that offers live support. Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm 727-786-7441.

Hope you enjoy the interview article attached and if you need to buy or sell a gun they are the place to go.

Mike Smith

Digital Assets – GunsInternational.com

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Public Line Range Officers

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Range Officers Needed

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