March Archery

On 3/13/2015 the Wyoming Antelope Club was honored to host an archery fun shoot for Dr. Jeff Sourbeer of Turley Family Health Center and the group of interns. Archery Discipline Leaders Dave Fessenden and Rick Clemens oversaw the shoot and assisted with advice and instructions in the archery discipline and were very pleased to see the amount of interest shown in the sport that they hold dear to them.

We hope they will come join us again soon

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March Flatlanders

Nine gunfighters participated in the march match of the Flatlanders
Shootist Society. And what a fine bunch of gunfighters they were.
Cool temps, sunshine, and no rain. What a beautiful day. Oh yea, and
no skeeters.

Fastest posted time of the day was a .467, put on the target by Silas
Leadbetter. One of our newer shooters that is showing great promise in the art of cowboy fastdraw. Way to go Silas

After six rounds of elimination, seedings were as follows:

5th seed……………..CT Yankee
4th seed……………..Yusta B. Fast
3rd seed……………..Hafta B. Fast
2nd seed…………….Shenandoah Drifter
1st seed……………..Professor Gene………..who says
“practice?…it’s over rated”

Finishing places and their fastest time for the match were as follows:

1st…..Professor Gene….494
2nd….Shenandoah Drifter….541
3rd…..Yusta B. fast….533
4th…..Hafta B. Fast….610
5th…..CT Yankee….739
6th…..Silas Leadbetter
7th…..One I Mike….566
8th…..Mad Mike Mulligan….815
9th….Odessa Tony….948

A big Flatlander thanks goes out to all who attended and a hug from
every cowboy for Wanda B. Fast for the usual fine job of keeping our
scores and keeping this unruly bunch in line.

Florida state is just around the corner. Let’s take it to ‘em from the
gang at the Flatlanders.! !!!!!


USPSA RO Classes at WAC

Level1SeminarApplicationLevelIISeminarApplicationHey USPSA members:
USPSA NROI will be conducting two RO Classes at WAC in the next few months: Level 1 (USPSA RO) will be 28-29 Mar taught by Jay Worden and level 2 (USPSA CRO “Boot Camp”) will be 23-24 May taught by George Jones. Marc Weir’s USPSA club “Roads End Practical Shooters” is subsidizing, so fee is only $25. Note that the March class is same weekend as big HAVA ( ) benefit match at WAC, and May class is same weekend as our monthly GCLS match (and Memorial Day weekend), so it’s gonna’ be a busy time. To attend, complete appropriate application and return it and $25.00 via paypal to: to (if you don’t use Paypal, give me cash or check). Both classes will fill up, so don’t dawdle.
dan bernard

GS Custom moves to bigger facility

GS Custom Guns & Ammo, owned and operated by Gary Skiba – a long time member and sponsor of WAC – has recently expanded his operation. The facility has grown from 1,200 sq. ft. to over 6,000 sq. ft. and has greatly increased production capacity. Established in 1992, it is located at the same street address in a business complex, but 150 feet from its old location. It is like moving in the same hotel to a bigger, better room. It is located directly behind the 7­Eleven store on the corner of 66th Street N and 118 St. just south of Ulmerton Road.

The updated GS Custom website,, describes all of the products and services offered including remanufactured ammo, custom firearms, gunsmithing, NRA certified instruction, consignment gun sales, and FFL transfers. There is a virtual tour on the website as well as web exclusive special promotions.

GS Custom continues to offer significant discounts to WAC competitive shooters. Stop in for a real tour and to discuss your firearms related needs.



GUN Cleaning Class – Bring your gun (I’ll also have plenty of guns to clean)
Pick yourself up a gun cleaning kit specifically designed for the gun you wish to clean. Your local retailer will be able to help you select the correct one. You will learn how to properly clean your gun.


New Hope Auto & Truck Service – Hope will be giving us a “Auto Repair & Maintenance 101” instruction class. Learn the basics about the vehicles we drive. Things we can check ourselves regularly to save money. Oil, air filter, tire pressure, windshield washer fluid and more. Covering the red light with tape is not the answer. Is your vehicle making a funny sound and you turn up the radio? It’ll be fun. Join us!

Ladies, we do “Pot Luck” dinner at our get-to-gethers. If you can bring something, we appreciate it, no worries if you can’t. Life & Work gets in the way sometimes and we ALWAYS have enough!!

For more information, please call Debbie cell 727-422-0061.

Click and Bang, the Art of the Deal in Online Firearm Sales

It’s no secret that the internet has changed how we buy things, from books and music to food and commodities. Nowhere is this more true than in firearm sales. I remember buying guns back in the mid 90s, when I was old enough to buy a long gun on my own and would make the trek to the local gun store (or Walmart!), pick out the one I wanted and would have something fun to go shoot with.  There was very little store to store comparison, no internet full of fan boys and armchair snipers with videos talking about the pros and cons of each platform or pricing engines that ensured you always found the best deal. Along with it, I had never heard of an FFL transfer until I had to do one in the early 2000s from a little known company I found on the internet named Bud’s. Continue reading

Range Officer Schedule is now online

Its been a long time coming but its finally here. Online scheduling for the public line is now exclusively online. On the top menu if the website is a menu item “Range Officer Schedule” where you can review the schedule and sign up for duties. The system will email you 2 days prior to your schedule to remind you of your duty. Remember, once you schedule a duty it is up  to you to show up or find a replacement. If you must cancel you will have to go through Mike Smith. If you have questions, email

Content help needed

I know we have a lot of members with IT backgrounds. I am looking for more input and content to the website. The platform is WordPress so it should be familiar to most. What we need is content form the different disciplines. If you have interest in helping your discipline participate in the WAC website, please email me .

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