Big Matches coming to WAC!

Registration is open for 2014 Factory Gun Classic (5-7 Dec) and 2015 Super Shotgun (28 Feb) at . If you are thinking of working any (or all) of these matches, get with the Match Directors for staff code before you sign up (their contact info is posted on matchsignup) to see if they want you.

Range officer schedule changes

The web page that allows access to the Range Officers schedule online will now be restricted to logged in users. We had to take this measure to keep people of the internet from randomly signing up for duties. If you do not have a log in, simply create one and we will approve it to get you going. Thanks for understanding!

We need ROs for this Saturday & Sunday Oct 18/19


Sept Black Powder Match

We held our monthly match on 9/28/2014 and despite the recent heavy rains that resulted in high humidity making the shooting a little uncomfortable, muddy and may have limited turnout, another great shoot was held. This month’s match was won by Bill Forshay with a score of 230 out of 250, followed by Dave Crede at 200 and Rick Crede at 184.

Come join the Wyoming Antelope Club black powder shooters for fun, competition and a chance to learn more about this entertaining and challenging discipline. We meet the 4th at 8:30 AM on the Bullseye Range. We have a 30 minute session prior to the start of our matches to practice, adjust sights and generally “warm-up”. This is a relaxed, informal match, with emphasis on safe shooting with plenty of good competition. We welcome new shooters, or even those who don’t have a black powder rifle but are interesting in learning about this type of shooting. There are no time limits so if you need a little help, there are always plenty of experienced shooters willing and able to help you out with any problems. Many shooters have an old CVA, Thompson Center or similar rifle that they may have played with at one time but now sits unused on the rack. Well, dust her off, (the gun that is) and bring her out to join us for a good time. We fire at a variety of targets every month, from double bullseye buffalos to the ever challenging inverted “V” which will test your confidence in your shooting.

For more information on our matches please contact

Dale Nincehelser
(813) 814-4018


Dan Klawinski
(727) 744-7096

Click and Bang, the Art of the Deal in Online Firearm Sales

It’s no secret that the internet has changed how we buy things, from books and music to food and commodities. Nowhere is this more true than in firearm sales. I remember buying guns back in the mid 90s, when I was old enough to buy a long gun on my own and would make the trek to the local gun store (or Walmart!), pick out the one I wanted and would have something fun to go shoot with.  There was very little store to store comparison, no internet full of fan boys and armchair snipers with videos talking about the pros and cons of each platform or pricing engines that ensured you always found the best deal. Along with it, I had never heard of an FFL transfer until I had to do one in the early 2000s from a little known company I found on the internet named Bud’s. Continue reading

Range Officer Schedule is now online

Its been a long time coming but its finally here. Online scheduling for the public line is now exclusively online. On the top menu if the website is a menu item “Range Officer Schedule” where you can review the schedule and sign up for duties. The system will email you 2 days prior to your schedule to remind you of your duty. Remember, once you schedule a duty it is up  to you to show up or find a replacement. If you must cancel you will have to go through Mike Smith. If you have questions, email

Content help needed

I know we have a lot of members with IT backgrounds. I am looking for more input and content to the website. The platform is WordPress so it should be familiar to most. What we need is content form the different disciplines. If you have interest in helping your discipline participate in the WAC website, please email me .

Fourth of July Celebration!

Free hotdogs and hamburgers from 1100 AM until 2 PM
Public Line Open from 0900 to 1 PM. Members pay three dollars all other guests shoot for $20; no discount coupons but all active duty military shoot for free with proper ID.

Come celebrate your liberty!

Florida Chapter Inc