Range Officer Update

Time for the annual range officer updates. Two meetings are scheduled for February. If you are a range officer, please make sure to attend one of the two mandatory range officer meetings.

Monday February 13th at 6:30pm in the classroom by the clubhouse

Saturday February 18th at 8:00am in the classroom by the clubhouse

New Range Officer Class is scheduled for Monday March 20th at 6:30pm at the club house

2016 Last Chance Limited Match

2016 was a great year at the WAC, and 86 shooters ended it with a  bang at the Last Chance USPSA Limited Match. 7 stages were put together in the back bays with names like Going Out With a BOOM and Fight Till the Last Gasp. Stage 1 was particularly interesting as the start position was holding a shot gun with the choice to shoot a popper or barrel it. The person who was closest to 50% of the stage high score without going over won the shot gun.

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Special Day January 2nd

With many people having January 2nd off, the Wyoming Antelope Club will host a special Monday Public line opening from 9am – 1pm.  This day will be open to the public and members. Range officers, if you have time, sign up using the regular online scheduler. We have room for four Range Officers

Factory Gun Classic; Another Huge Success

Setup Started Wednesday and continued through Thursday to get the 8 stages set up. With stage names like Death Trap (double target max trap), Slide Lock, Far out man (3-35 yd shots) and Step it up (2 platform levels) there was a lot of work to get done. The RO’s did a great job at getting them all built for the staff shoot on Friday. The staff vetted all of the gizmos and angles so the shooters would have a flawless match.

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Steel Match Saturday Breaks Another Record!

Last month there were 70 shooters, this month there were 83. Match Director Dean Herrig was prepared and opened a 7thsquad and stage to accommodate all the shooters. There are 13 official divisions in the Steel Challenge and Saturdays match had competitors in 10 of the divisions. Production led all the divisions with 27, followed by 15 in Limited and 12 in Rimfire Rifle Open. Iron Sights Revolver, Pistol Caliber Carbine Optic and Rimfire Pistol Open all had more than 5 and Open, Rimfire Pistol Iron Sights, Rimfire Rifle Iron Sights and Single Stack rounded out the rest.

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Single Stacks taking over WAC Tuesday Action Pistol

This time last month, 2 people were shooting single stacks, last night there were 16! That beat production by 1 and limited by 6. With the WAC’s Factory Gun Classic coming the first week in December, people are switching over to their single stacks to get prepared. The match also included stages influenced by what will be seen at the Factory gun. Table starts, loaded and unloaded, poppers, bobbers, and lots of hard and soft cover made for a challenging night.

Class (competitors) winners for the night were:

Carry Optics (3) – Steve Pianka
Limited (10) – JJ Malvarez
Open (2) – Will Jensen
Production(15) – Mike Howell
Revolver (1) – Bob Paul
Single Stack(16) – Mark Walker

There are only 4 more Tuesday or Friday nights to get prepared for the Factory Gun, hope to see you out there.

Submitted by Jeff Jones

WAC General Dinner in November

With Thanksgiving just next week, the club is having  dinner a little early. This Wednesday,  November 16th, we’ll have our club dinner with all the fixin’s. Please join us at the clubhouse for the social hour at 6pm and dinner at 7pm. – Donation of $7.00 gets you a plate full of Wyoming Antelope Club goodness.

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