which is the #1 Gun Classifieds website is owned by W David, Deborah and Hunter Powell. Many of you know the Powell’s. They have been WAC members since 1991. W. David and Hunter are range officers.

I would like to give a couple updates to this 2012 Gun Digest article. The article which was an interview contains some older statistics. Now in 2015 has 60,000 guns listed for sale, making it the world’s largest gun classifieds web site, by the most well respected Dealers, Collectors all the way to a guy with just one gun to sell. gets 15 million hits each day currently. Today for just a $10 total fee you can list any price gun and have it seen by millions of buyers. does not charge percentages, as their competitors do. also is the only gun sales site that offers live support. Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm 727-786-7441.

Hope you enjoy the interview article attached and if you need to buy or sell a gun they are the place to go.

Mike Smith

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New Updates to WAC Website

We are implementing a new system on the website to keep more people informed when updates come out. You may see some new email from the WAC with the content of any new posts to the website. You can be selective about which posts you receive in your email by going to your profile and choosing the categories you want to receive.

Public Line Range Officers

Summer is here and Range Officers are thin. It’s getting hard to keep the public line open. The weekends seem to be the problem. It’s understandable that people want to be with their families, travel for the summer and more. All we ask is that if you are in town and you have the time, please step in and schedule to help out at the public line. Mike is working overtime every week to get volunteers for the weekend shifts.

If you would like to see how many you have scheduled, click here for the log of scheduled RO Duties.

Range Officers Needed

With all the northern WAC members returning home for the summer we have a shortage at the public line.  We need volunteers for the summer months and we have been short lately. Check the schedule every week to see how you can help out. Thanks from Mike Smith!

State CFDA Championship
Cowboy Fastdraw

Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw The inaugural, history making
State CFDA championship match for Cowboy Fastdraw is in the books !

The gunfighters of the flatlanders shootist society made it
quite clear that they were representing the sport of fastdraw for the

The results for our gunfighters that warrant mention are as follows:

Golden Guns………Yancy………………….. 2nd place
Old Timers…………Yusta B. Fast …………1st place
Shenandoah Drifter….2nd place
Mens 49r…………..Hafta B. Fast…………..6th place
Shootists…………..Yusta B, Fast………….3rd pace

Ladies……………..Fast Draw Deb…………5th place
Men………………..Hafta B. Fast…………….12th place

The match was a very successful in representing the sport of
cowboy fastdraw in the State of Florida. Especially when one considers that the very first Florida club did not even exist just twenty-seven months ago. We are now on the threshold of starting the FIFTH CFDA club in the state. In addition, over $1000 was raised for the Shoot for the Stars youth shooters program !!!
Congratulations goes out to all top placers and a big THANKS
goes out to every gunfighter who participated, for without their
participation, there would be no contest.
Participants from as far away as Idaho were in attendance and
the BOSS couple of CFDA; Quick Cal and Alotta Lead were here to show their support for the beginnings of cowboy fastdraw in the state of Florida. Twenty gunfighters from the state of Virginia were here as well as shooters from AR,CO,GA,ID, KY,TX, and a few that I know I have failed to mention. Many old friendships were renewed and many new friendships were created. Friendships are the big draw to the sport of cowboy fastdraw, and the helping hands of all who participate makes every function a success.

Spring Black Powder Fun Shoot

Come join the Wyoming Antelope Club Black Powder Shooters this coming weekend for our annual Spring “Fun Shoot”. Once a year we ditch our usual bullseye targets and shoot a variety of fun targets that are both entertaining and challenging. Splitting playing cards, shooting at dangling wine corks and plastic water bottles full of red Kool-Aid are among the events. These targets tend to reward the lucky as well as the expert so everyone has a good time participating.

If you are a new shooter or experienced with muzzleloaders you are welcome to join us. Even if you have never shot black powder before come and watch the action and we will be glad to help you get addicted to this exciting shooting discipline. We welcome all levels of shooters at our events, beginners are welcome and it is a great place to get solid advice about black powder cleaning, maintenance and most important, safety from experiences shooters who will be more than happy to help you out.

We start at 8:30 at the Tadder Bullseye range this Sunday, April 26. Come join us!!

For additional information, please contact:
Dale Nincehelser
(813) 814-4018
or Dan Klawinski
(727) 744-7096


March Archery

On 3/13/2015 the Wyoming Antelope Club was honored to host an archery fun shoot for Dr. Jeff Sourbeer of Turley Family Health Center and the group of interns. Archery Discipline Leaders Dave Fessenden and Rick Clemens oversaw the shoot and assisted with advice and instructions in the archery discipline and were very pleased to see the amount of interest shown in the sport that they hold dear to them.

We hope they will come join us again soon

archery5 archery4 archery3 archery2


March Flatlanders

Nine gunfighters participated in the march match of the Flatlanders
Shootist Society. And what a fine bunch of gunfighters they were.
Cool temps, sunshine, and no rain. What a beautiful day. Oh yea, and
no skeeters.

Fastest posted time of the day was a .467, put on the target by Silas
Leadbetter. One of our newer shooters that is showing great promise in the art of cowboy fastdraw. Way to go Silas

After six rounds of elimination, seedings were as follows:

5th seed……………..CT Yankee
4th seed……………..Yusta B. Fast
3rd seed……………..Hafta B. Fast
2nd seed…………….Shenandoah Drifter
1st seed……………..Professor Gene………..who says
“practice?…it’s over rated”

Finishing places and their fastest time for the match were as follows:

1st…..Professor Gene….494
2nd….Shenandoah Drifter….541
3rd…..Yusta B. fast….533
4th…..Hafta B. Fast….610
5th…..CT Yankee….739
6th…..Silas Leadbetter
7th…..One I Mike….566
8th…..Mad Mike Mulligan….815
9th….Odessa Tony….948

A big Flatlander thanks goes out to all who attended and a hug from
every cowboy for Wanda B. Fast for the usual fine job of keeping our
scores and keeping this unruly bunch in line.

Florida state is just around the corner. Let’s take it to ’em from the
gang at the Flatlanders.! !!!!!


Florida Chapter Inc